It started with a house on a hill.

We were working on a project and were searching for furniture and home accessories. We looked on every website we could think of, scrolling endlessly through options. We visited every showroom we could, even asking friends to visit shops in other cities. It wasn’t all despair, but, for many of the items, we just couldn’t find what we were looking for.

We finally just started sketching what we wanted. Our background is in graphic design, product design, and architecture—making objects larger and smaller than furniture. We soon realized that our approach to designing things that are smart, useful, and unique works at every scale. When people started asking where they could buy some of the items, we started Murmur.


1. The quiet or subdued expression of a particular feeling by a group of people.

We think “quiet” is a good way to describe our home goods. It implies minimalism, elegance, and an overall thoughtfulness that we like to think is a trademark of our work.

2. A low continuous background noise.

Since we’re naive about marketing and advertising, we stick with what we enjoy and what we think we are good at: design. It’s not complicated: we try to make home goods that you will love, and we sincerely hope you tell your friends about us.