Making Hashtag

Why does it hurt so badly when you bang your shin or toe on the corner of the bed?! Maybe it’s a small problem, but, after banging your shin once, you will probably agree that it is one worth solving. We looked at the soft mattress and explored ways to eliminate the hard, scary bed frame around it.


Like all architects, we have a bit of a cantilever fetish and decided to cantilever all sides of the frame. Cantilevering all sides makes a hashtag, and a hashtag makes a bed frame with no painful corners.

Subtle Curves

We liked the idea of a minimal bed frame that mostly disappears, but we wanted one nice, subtle detail that is sometimes visible. The subtle curve of the “hands” keeps the mattress in place and gives a sense that the bed is not strictly utilitarian. It works, but it is simple and refined.

One for All

We wanted to create a minimal bed that was affordable and easy to ship, but that also felt like a quality piece of furniture where every detail was carefully considered. We wanted something poor students could afford, but that they would hold onto when they moved into their forever home.